Our Company

AlterNRG: Converting World's Waste into Clean Energy

Alter NRG provides alternative energy solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary Westinghouse Plasma Corporation. The Westinghouse Plasma technology is the industry leader with many reference facilities, a robust commercial history and large scale solutions. The technology is able to transform all types of waste, from household waste to hazardous waste, and convert it into many different types of useful, renewable energy such as electricity, replacing higher cost fuel oil or liquefied natural gas, or even create diesel fuel or ethanol. THAT is how we create LIFE WITHOUT LANDFILLS.

The Westinghouse Plasma Technology is the industry leader with a signifi cant commercial history of plants that turn household waste into clean energy operating since 2002. New scaled up facilities, constructed by a Fortune 500 Company, will process approximately 1000 tonnes per day. This is the size and scale that is able to completely replace an average landfill site. In addition, current hazardous waste destruction facilities are able to process more than 500 hazardous waste streams. Simply put, the Westinghouse Plasma Technology has better environmental performance as well as having strong project economics due to the higher efficiency.

Alter NRG has a unique vision, a strong team, leading plasma gasification technology, capable strategic partners and financial strength – we are well positioned for the opportunities ahead.


Our Vision

To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s waste into clean energy for a healthier planet.


Our Mission

As the industry leader, we will forge and dominate an industry segment that transforms current waste management practices. We build shareholder value by enabling our customers to convert waste into clean energy by providing plasma gasification products, services and solutions that are innovative and environmentally friendly.