Alter NRG, waste to energy, WTE, Plasma Gasification Solution

Alter NRG provides evolved energy solutions.  We have a commercially proven technology that provides the next generation of energy-from-waste solutions. With reference facilities operating since 2002, a strong customer base and a worldwide demand for renewable energy, we are well positioned for significant growth.

Alter NRG offers integrated plasma gasification solutions, the industry leading technology that provides clean and renewable economic energy solutions by converting all types of waste and biomass into high value energy like, electricity, ethanol or syngas meeting the worlds growing demand for clean energy.

Large Markets:

Alter NRG Corp is uniquely positioned to provide a flexible and scalable clean energy solution. Better economics and environmental performance make plasma gasification the next generation of waste conversion technology. With the growing demand involving the waste-to-energy industry this opens up opportunities in multi-billion market sizes.

Global projects are being advanced with credible Fortune 500 and other entities focused on plasma, with average sales from $10 to $50 million per project.


Existing Customers:

Air ProductsAir Products, a Fortune 500 company recognized for its innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety and the environment. Currently under construction 2 municipal waste to energy facilities in Tees Valley, England.

Alter NRG, GTS EnergyGTS Energy, designs and manufactures a wide range of energy systems for industrial applications worldwide. Alter NRG and GTS Energy have signed a joint development and marketing agreement for its turnkey and small scale waste destruction solution.

Wuhan KaidiWuhan Kaidi, referred to as Kaidi Holding is a hi-tech investment company specializing in the field of green energy. Currently building a biomass to power and ethanol demonstration facility in Wuhan, Hubei, China where it will be utilizing Alter NRG Plasma Gasification and Westinghouse Plasma Torch Technologies.

SMS EnvocareSMS, a subsidiary of SMSIL, India’s largest civil engineering and infrastructure Development Company. It has built 2 two facilities, and currently advancing 3 additional hazardous waste to syngas and electricity plants located in India.

MHC (Services) Ltd, is the investment group controlled by Roman Abromovich. Primarily acquires, develops and operates industrial properties and stakes in energy, mineral resources, financial and other major market industries worldwide.

Waste2Tricity, W2TWaste2Tricity,
is a structured solutions provided to the waste to energy sector. Its shareholders include Ervington Investments (UBO Roman Abramovich), Age of Reason Foundation and Eturab, all of whom are substantial shareholders in AFC Energy and/or Alter NRG.

Key Enabling Technology:

Alter NRG Plasma Gasification is the Key Enabling Technology solution  for the energy-from-waste industry as it can convert many types of waste into clean Synthesis gas (Syngas). The clean syngas can further be converted into electricity, ethanol, gasoline, diesel fuel and replacement of fuel oil. Better economics and environmental performance make plasma gasification the next generation of waste conversion technology.



Alter NRG Plasma Gasifier

Reference Facilities:

Alter NRG’s has developed the integrated Plasma Gasification Solution, utilizing its industry leading Westinghouse Plasma Torches, with over 30+ years experience and over $500 million of R & D investment.  This technology is commercially proven with plasma systems in operation for 20 years and converting waste into energy since 2002.

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