Alter NRG delivers a complete plasma gasification solution to its customers, that utilizes Plasma Torches. With our engineering and construction partners we can design and construct a complete gasification plant, assisting with technical and commercial support during the entire project development process.  Our engineering and construction partners can offer performance guarantees on the entire project facility which truly sets up apart from other earlier stages technologies.

Components for a successful Technology Deployment

The performance & evolution of Plasma technology is contributed to, by a wide range of external collaboration. By leveraging relationships, Alter NRG has expanded the product offering to a market ready application.

Engineering and Construction Relationships:

We have relationships with world class engineering firms and operators who can provide certain requisite performance obligations on projects. We provide a fabricated plasma gasification system. The major components are included in our scope of supply, while the balance of the plant engineering is completed by an engineering partner.

Alter NRG, TechnipTechnip, is a world leader in engineering, technologies and project management for the oil and gas industry.

Alter NRG, Uhde Thysen Krupp

Uhde, is one of the world’s leading engineering companies in the design and construction of chemical, refining and other industrial plants.

Alter NRG, LindeLinde, has extensive experience in the field of syngas production, considered a world leading industrial gas and engineering company providing a broad range of services including Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) to the energy industry, among others.

Alter NRG, Foster WheelerFoster Wheeler, is a leading international engineering, construction and project management contractor and power equipment supplier.

Alter NRG, KNMKNM, a process equipment manufacturer and a publicly traded company in Malaysia, is a global turnkey solutions provider for the oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energy industries. It core business is providing process equipment manufacturing.

Alter NRG, HATCHHatch, is the world leader in high temperature furnace design and gasification engineering support. Hatch has worked with Alter NRG to optimize the best in class plasma reactor design resulting in additional patents for alter NRG.

Downer, is Australia’s largest EPC and infrastructure company


Alter NRG, RW BeckR. W. Beck, is a group of technically based business consultants serving public and private infrastructure organizations worldwide.

Alter NRG, , GEGeneral Electric, provides technology and service solutions collaborating with EPC expertise to build power generations producing energy efficiently, reliably, and with greater awareness of environmental responsibility.

Alter NRG, Solar TurbinesSolar Turbines Incorporated, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc, provides products that play an important role in the development of oil, natural gas, and power generation projects. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines.

Alter NRG, TurbosonicTurbosonic,is a global supplier of air pollution control and liquid atomization technologies.

Alter NRG, VelovysVelocys, is part of Oxford Catalysts Group PLC, the leading technology innovator for clean synthetic fuel production.

Leading Developers:

We have existing well capitalized, innovative plasma gasification customers actively developing projects that are designed to meet their strategic business objective.  They are currently advancing projects, including three under construction.

With a history dating back over 150 years, Downer is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and New Zealand Stock Exchange as Downer EDI Limited (DOW). An ASX 100 company that also owns 88 per cent of Spotless Group Holdings Limited (SPO), Downer designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities and we are the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand. Downer Group employs approximately 56,000 people across more than 300 sites, primarily in Australia and New Zealand but also in the Asia-Pacific region, South America and Southern Africa.


Alter NRG, SMS EnvocareSMS Envocare, is a subsidiary of SMSIL, central India’s largest civil engineering and infrastructure development company. SMS Envocare owns and operates the Maharastra Enviro Power Ltd (“MEPL”), a 72 tonnes per day plasma gasification plant that converts hazardous waste into energy.


Alter NRG, Wuhan KaidiWuhan Kaidi, Wuhan Kaidi Holding Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaidi Holding) is the first Chinese hi-tech investment company  specializing in the field of green energy, specifically dedicated to environment protection, energy saving, cleaning combustion, technical system integration, new product R&D, EPC construction, commercial operation, etc.



Thailand developer and waste to energy facility owner.



European developer owned by EP Group – one of the largest power producers in the EU


Projects in Commissioning, Under Development / Construction, Operation and Demonstration Plant:

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Benefits and Advantages:

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Better environmental performance significantly reducing carbon footprint and overall pollution.

Multitude of feedstock can be gasified optimizing revenue based on available feedstock which creates a wide variety of high value products.

Commercial Operating Plasma Torches for over 20 years:

The Plasma torch provides flexibility and allows control over temperature, independent of fuel or oxygen throughout in the process.

MARC 3A Plasma Torch

The MARC 3A configuration operates in a range from 80kW to approximately 300kW. The current to the field coils in the MARC 3A is in series with the arc current. The MARC 3A does not feature independent control of the field coil current and arc current.

MARC 11 Plasma Torch

The MARC 11 torch power is controlled by changing either the arc current, field current or the process gas flow. Torch connections include quick disconnects for the air supply, cooling water and electrical connections to facilitate torch removal for inspection and maintenance. The torch has two standard MARC 11 configurations, a low power torch, the MARC 11L and a high power torch, MARC 11H. The low power MARC 11L plasma torch operates in the range from approximately 350 kW to approximately 800 kW.

The high power torch operates in the range from approximately 860 kW to 2400 kW. The maximum arc current of the MARC 11 plasma torch is 2000A. The MARC 11 torch uses two separate power supplies: one for the field coil and one for the arc. The arc current and the field coil current can be independently controlled.

MARC 4.5 Plasma Torch

Like the Marc 11, the MARC 4.5 torch power is controlled by changing either the arc current, field current or the process gas flow. Torch connections include quick disconnects for the air supply, cooling water and electrical connections to facilitate torch removal for ease of inspection and maintenance.  The Marc 4.5 plasma torch has an operating power range of 280 kW to 530 kW.  The MARC 4.5 is designed to have a variable custom fabricated length to fit a variety of different gasifier designs.  The maximum arc current of the MARC 4.5 plasma torch is 650A.  The MARC 4.5 torch uses two separate power supplies:  one for the field coil and one for the arc.  The arc current and the field coil current can be independently controlled.

  • High reliability with over 500,000 hours in commercial operation
  • Commercially proven in six plasma gasification facilities
  • Availability in a wide range of power inputs from 80 to 2,400 kW
  • Power input can be quickly adjusted to match process requirements
  • Process temperature control
  • Industrially-rugged design – proven in tough commercial environments such as steel mills, foundries and energy recovery from waste facilities
  • Long electrode life
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Self-stabilized and non-transferred arc
  • Simple design with no internal moving parts
  • Torch gas flexibility (inert, reducing, oxidizing)