As the key-enabling core plasma gasification solution provider, Alter NRG has unique investment options in numerous projects around the world. This enables us to invest through WPC Enterprises and participate in projects that have attractive financial profiles with qualified developers to provide recurring cashflow to our investors.

Technology Sales:

Using cash flow from near term technology sales to invest in accretive long term cash flow opportunities.

Project Investment:

Alter NRG Corp owns unique investment options in numerous projects which enable it to participate in the commercial investment phase.

  • Option to invest up to 25% at financial close (with no promote).

WPC Enterprises:

Investment into plasma gasification projects after completion of commercial development, offering stable long term cash flow and financially attractive returns created by multiple revenue streams generating annuity income.

  •  Power contracts
  •  Waste disposal contract tipping fees etc.

Strategic Financial Partners:

We continue to attract strategic shareholders co-investing in plasma gasification projects enhancing the strength of our balance sheet and providing opportunity to accelerate our growth.

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