Alter NRG has successfully initiated and continues to develop strategic partnerships that will:

  • Simplify and reduce the cost to design and develop projects
  • Help our customers cost effectively construct and operate projects
  • Reduce the costs and risks associated with financing projects
  • Help us continuously improve our product offering
  • Provide our customers with a complete plasma gasification plant solution
  • Continue to de-risk the technology, and
  • Accelerate the further adoption of our technology.

Strategic Partnerships:

Alter NRG, Air Products

Air Products, is a Fortune 500 Company (NYSE: APD) and a world leader in the industrial gasses market. Air Products operates in over 40 countries, has over 18,000 employees and $10 billion per year in revenue.

Air Products is building the world’s largest plasma gasification facilities in Tees Valley, England. The two facilities – TV#1 and TV#2 – has a 1,000 tonnes per day capacity each, will process pre-sorted municipal solid waste and will produce 49 MW of electricity each utilizing two G65 plasma gasifiers reactors supplied by Westinghouse Plasma Corp.

In 2009, Westinghouse Plasma Corp. and Air Products signed a Joint Development Agreement. Some of the key terms in the agreement include:

  • the right for Air Products to license Westinghouse Plasma Corp.’s gasification technology for five projects
  • the option for Westinghouse Plasma Corp. to invest in projects developed by Air Products
  • access for Westinghouse Plasma Corp. to all the operational data associated with any gasifiers purchased by Air Products, for the continuous improvement of the gasifier
  • a program to de-risk the commissioning and operation of the gasifier

Air Products has a long history of successful large scale industrial plant development and operation. They also have a proven track record of successfully implementing newer technologies.

Alter NRG, SMS Envocare

SMS Envocare, is a subsidiary of SMSIL, central India’s largest civil engineering and infrastructure development company, with over 2500 employees worldwide. SMS Envocare owns and operates the Maharastra Enviro Power Ltd (“MEPL”), a 72 tonnes per day plasma gasification plant that converts hazardous waste into energy. Westinghouse Plasma Corp. provided the gasification technology for this plant.

The MEPL plant, located in Pune, India and completed in 2009, processes predominantly hazardous waste from 40 different industries.

SMS Envocare and Westinghouse Plasma Corp. signed a joint marketing and cooperation agreement in 2009. Under that agreement:

  • SMS Envocare became Westinghouse Plasma Corp.’s exclusive representative in India
  • SMS Envocare provides to Westinghouse Plasma Corp. the operational data from the gasifier at the MEPL plant and any future plants

Since 2009, SMS Envocare has provided Westinghouse Plasma Corp. access to the MEPL site for R&D trials and for testing programs requested by customers of Westinghouse Plasma Corp.

Westinghouse Plasma Corp.’s partnership with SMS Envocare provides our customers an EPC choice for smaller turnkey plasma gasification plants. It also provides an opportunity for testing services that can inform the design of facilities that will process unique feedstocks.

Alter NRG, Uhde Thysen Krupp

In July, 2009, Westinghouse Plasma Corp. and Uhde signed an alliance agreement under which Uhde provides engineering services, marketing services and the two companies jointly pursue business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, Mexico, Central America and South America using the Westinghouse Plasma Corp.’s  gasification technology.

Udhe is a subsidiary of Thyssen Krupp, a company with 170,000 employees across 80 countries and more than €49 billion of annual revenue. Uhde has extensive gas processing expertise.

Our partnership with Uhde provides Westinghouse Plasma Corp., and its customers, with a deep talent pool of engineering expertise for balance of plant design.

Alter NRG, KNM

KNM, a process equipment manufacturer and a publicly traded company in Malaysia, is a global turnkey solutions provider for the oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energy industries. It core business is providing process equipment manufacturing.

Westinghouse Plasma Corp awarded KNM the contract to fabricate the gasification reactor for Air Products Tees Valley project.

Westinghouse Plasma Corp and KNM are partnering to provide, on a non-exclusive basis, turnkey EPC services to developers of plasma gasification facilities.