Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution provides a sustainable and effective destruction of the hazardous materials. 

Alter NRG Plasma Gasification is a commercially proven, operationally robust and cost competitive solution for the treatment of hazardous waste. Over the last decade, we have deployed our plasma gasification technology in two hazardous waste-to-energy facilities and amassed over eight years of operational experience. Most recently, we have leveraged this experience to design a turnkey hazardous waste solution that is positioned to set a new standard for hazardous waste treatment globally.

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GTS Energy, Westinghouse Plasma

MEPL, Pune, India

Advantages of Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution for hazardous waste destruction:

  • No dioxins or furans are generated due to high temperature created by Plasma Torches
  • Produces high quality syngas that can be used in gas turbines or liquid conversions
  • Modular design controls site specific construction and installation costs
  • Allows the facility to be configured in a custom manner for co-location opportunities
  • Turnkey plant solution includes design, fabrication, installation and commissioning




Alter NRG hazardous waste solution can handle multiple waste streams, including both liquids and solids:

  • Hazardous
  • Medical
  • Fly-ash
  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical, etc.
  • Produces a non-leaching/benign vitrified slag
  • Slag can be used as a construction aggregate, landscaping blocks, rock wool insulation, floor tiles etc. vs. leachable incinerator fly ash