Alter NRG - Plasma Gasification - Incinerator Retrofit Block Flow

Alter NRG’s Plasma Technology is able to treat the incinerator ash and turning the majority of it into a benign glass-like slag that can be used in other industries such as construction.  The Plasma gasifier can increase the incinerator facility revenues by taking other high tipping fee feedstock and creating additional syngas or steam which can make the facilities power self-sufficient or increase their output to the power grid.


  • Vitrifies hazardous fly ash and bottom ash
  • Increases the temperature and efficiency of the existing incinerator
  • Processes additional high value feedstock to improve economics
  • Increases electricity production

IMPACT for ALTER NRG: We have opened up immediate market opportunities around the world.  With the increasing regulations and scrutiny on incineration emissions, we believe that this is a significant advantage to be complementary to the existing 3,000 or more incinerators worldwide.

IMPACT for the World:  There is a solution for aging incinerators that both improves their economics and reduces their environmental footprint.

Impact for You, our Next Customer: This is an economic turnkey solution that can convert hazardous waste, incinerator ash, medical waste or industrial waste into useable energy.