Alter NRG, MEPL: SMS Envocare, Pune, IndiaExample Plant


The economics of a plasma gasification plant are a function of numerous factors.  Westinghouse Plasma Corp. has created a proprietary economic modeling platform (“WPC Scoping Model”) that we use to assist customers in the early stages of project development.

The WPC Scoping Model allows customers to quickly assess the impact of changing numerous assumptions such as:

  • Plant capacity
  • Type of feedstock (MSW, RDF, tires, electrical waste, auto shredder residue, etc)
  • Gate fees (tipping fees)
  • Combinations of feedstocks and gate fees
  • Power prices and/or liquid fuel prices
  • Plant configuration (combined cycle, reciprocating engines, FT liquids, etc)
  • Labour rates for plant staff
  • Renewable energy incentives
  • Interest rates
  • Debt and equity levels
  • Installation factors specific to a geography
  • Contingency factor

The outputs from the WPC Scoping Model include:

  • Estimated capital cost
  • Estimated operating expenses
  • Internal rate of return
  • Return on equity

Please contact Alter NRG Corp. and we can help you quickly determine the capital cost and economics of your project.