Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution is commercially installed and utilized at multiple facilities. A more detailed explanation of each facility is given here below:

Commercial Operating Plants

Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Owner: Wuhan Kaidi
Capacity: 150 tpd
Feedstock: Biomass
Commissioned: 2012
Output & Configuration: Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Liquids

In December of 2011, Wuhan Kaidi, a very large Chinese energy company, began construction of a new technology park in Wuhan, China. Alter NRG Gasifier was commissioned in Q1, 2013.

The facility includes a 150 tpd plasma gasification demonstration facility purchased from Alter NRG. The facility processes biomass for conversion to power and liquid fuels.

Kaidi’s business plan includes building numerous facilities of capacities greater than 800 tpd of biomass.

Alter NRG, Wuhan, China






Location: Pune, India
Owner: SMSIL
Capacity: 72 tpd
Feedstock: Hazardous Waste
Commissioned: 2009
Output & Configuration: Power – Boiler

The Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd. (“MEPL”) plant processes hazardous wastes from over 30 industries in India. The owner of the plant, SMSIL, is a partner of Alter NRG and together the companies offer plasma gasification into the Indian market. Alter has access to the operational data and the operating staff at the plant. SMSIL also makes the plant available to certain Alter NRG customers for pilot tests and optimization tests.

It is access to this type of information that allows Alter NRG to accelerate the optimization of its technology – another advantage Alter NRG has over its competitors.

Alter NRG, MEPL, India, SMS EnvocareAlter NRG, MEPL, India, SMS EnvocareAlter NRG, MEPL, India, SMS EnvocareAlter NRG, MEPL, India, SMS Envocare






Location: Mihama-Mikata, Japan
Owner: Hitachi Metals, Hitachi Ltd.
Capacity: 24 tpd
Feedstock: Municipal Solid Waste and Waste Water Sludge
Commissioned: 2002
Output & Configuration: Heat – Boiler

The Mihama-Mikata plant processes 20 tpd of MSW from the towns of Mihama and Mikata. It also processes four tpd of sewage sludge. The syngas is used to produce heat which is then used to dry the sewage sludge so it can be gasified.

All of the slag from the Mihama-Mikata plant is used beneficially as aggregate for concrete or paving stones.

The plant consistently meets it emissions requirements.

Alter NRG, Mihama-Mikata, JapanAlter NRG, Mihama-Mikata, JapanAlter NRG, Mihama-Mikata, JapanAlter NRG, Mihama-Mikata, Japan






Retired Plants

Location: Shanghai, China
Owner: GTS
Medical Waste & Incinerator Fly-ash Vitrification
Commissioned:  2014
Output & Configuration: Slag

The facility is taking incinerator ash as well as other industrial and medical wastes and using the Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution to convert it into syngas which is intended to be used to augment power within the plant.

The facility is co-located with Shanghai Environmental (a subsidiary of large, state-owned enterprise Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co. Ltd). Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co. Ltd. is engaged in proper ty development, water supply, sewage treatment, environmental protection, distribution of oil products and engineering. Shanghai Environmental operates businesses that transport domestic wastes to landfills and incinerators primarily in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Shandong provinces of China.

Alter NRG delivered the gasifier design and plasma torches. The Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution has been publicly endorsed by the Government of China as the go to guideline for the treatment and management of municipal, industrial and hazardous waste. This endorsement follows Alter NRG successfully commissioning an incinerator ash vitrification facility in Shanghai, China owned by GTS Energy.

GTS, Incinerator integrationGTS_2_SMGTS, incinerator integration, shanghai, chinaWPC, GTS Facility, China

WPC, GTS Facility, ChinaWPC, GTS Facility, China

Location: Madison, Pennsylvania, USA
Owner: Alter NRG
Capacity: 48 tpd
Feedstock: Over 100 tested
Commissioned: 1983 to 2014
Output & Configuration: Synthesis gas (Syngas)

Until the end of 2014, Alter owned and operated a demonstration facility located near Madison, Pennsylvania, USA. Our demonstration plant was a critical element for the successful completion of projects for customers and provides Alter NRG another advantage over its competitors.

The gasification tests provided valuable information about syngas and slag composition that help customers make decisions about the balance of plant design. The tests also provided information necessary for customers to obtain environmental permits. Air Products conducted a series of tests at our Madison demonstration plant in support of their Tees Valley Renewable Energy Facility.

Another customer, Coskata, the owner of a technology that converts syngas to ethanol, completed two years of successful testing at our demonstration plant. Alter NRG’s Plasma Gasifier has gasified both wood waste and municipal solid waste to create syngas which Coskata subsequently converted to ethanol.

The demonstration plant included downstream gas cleaning equipment and state of the art, real-time gas composition monitoring. There were three distinct feeding systems through which almost any solid or liquid can be fed into the gasifier. Alter NRG has predictive modeling capability, which includes the balance of plant, through VMG simulation software.

Alter NRG Plasma Gasifier has gasified a wide range of feedstocks at its demonstration plant including:

    • Municipal solid waste
    • Refuse derived fuel
    • Construction and demolition waste
    • Hazardous waste, including PCB contaminated waste and harbour sediment sludge
    • Waste water sludge
    • Waste wood and clean wood chips
    • Bagasse
    • Tires
    • Auto Shredder Residue (also know as auto fluff)
    • Heavy oil
    • Incinerator ash

Alter NRG continues to refine its core plasma torch and gasification technology based on the results obtained at its demonstration plant and the experience at operating facilities.

Alter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USAAlter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USAAlter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USAAlter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USA





Alter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USAAlter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USAAlter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USAAlter NRG, Demonstration Plant, PA, USA







Location: Utashinai, Hokkaido, Japan
Owner: Hitachi Metals, Hitachi Ltd.
Capacity: 220 tpd
Feedstock: Municipal Solid Waste and Auto Shredder Residue
Commissioned: 2003 to 2013
Output & Configuration: Power – Boiler

The EcoValley plant, which was located near the small town of Utashinai in a rural area on the island of Hokkaido, can process up to 220 tpd of pre-sorted MSW. The plant has two gasifier trains each capable of processing 110 tpd.

The plant was closed due to lack of feedstock (loss of long term feed contracts).

Alter NRG has been fortunate to have access to the operational data and operating staff of the plant. Hitachi Metals, the operators of the plant, modified and optimized the gasifier over the first several years of its operation.

This commercial experience has been incorporated into the next generation gasifier design begin offered by Alter NRG and purchased by Air Products. By comparison, Alter NRG’s competitors are struggling to build their first reference plants.

The plant consistently mets its emissions requirements.

Alter NRG, Eco-Valley, Utashinai, JapanAlter NRG, Eco-Valley, Utashinai, JapanAlter NRG, Eco-Valley, Utashinai, JapanAlter NRG, Eco-Valley, Utashinai, Japan












Plasma Gasification Technology Deliverables

Location: England, UK
Owner: Air Products

The Air Products plant was designed to process 2000 tonnes per day of refuse derived fuel (RDF) in two trains, each train having a capacity of 1000 tonnes per day.  Alter NRG delivered two G65 gasifiers complete with control modules, one G65 gasifier for each train.

In 2016, Air Products announced they would not complete the plant.  Confidentiality commitments prevent Alter NRG from providing any further information.

Alter NRG Gasifier, Tees Valley #1, UK  Alter NRG Gasifier, Tees Valley #1, UK  Alter NRG Gasifier Modules,Tees Valley #1, UK