Alter NRG - Plasma Gasification Solution - Refueling

Refueling existing boilers and lime kilns with waste

Many of the projects under development by Alter NRG’s customers are “Refueling” opportunities – situations where our customers own existing facilities that are fueled by expensive fossil fuels such as:

  • Fuel oil
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Liquefied natural gas
  • Natural gas
  • Coke gas
  • Coal


Alter NRG - Waste-to-EnergyOur customers plan to reduce or eliminate their consumption of fossil fuels by gasifying waste feedstocks such as municipal solid waste, tires and automobile shredder residue (also known as auto-fluff) to produce syngas which is then burned in place of the fossil fuels.

There are numerous benefits associated with a refueling opportunity:

  1. Net fuel costs can be reduced by as much or more than 50% depending on the specific opportunity.
  2. Local, sometimes costly, waste disposal issues can be eliminated at the same time.  This is particularly true for opportunities located on islands.
  3. Reduced greenhouse gas impact when renewable fuels such as municipal solid waste are used to displace fossil fuels.

In most cases, only minor modifications are necessary to the existing boilers and kilns so they can burn syngas produced from the waste streams.