Westinghouse Plasma Corp.  torches are sophisticated devices but their purpose is simple – they are high temperature heating devices.

Alter NRG, Westinghouse Plasma Torches, electrodes, highly efficient, high temperature, 80 to 2,400 kWAt the most rudimentary level, plasma is just very high temperature thermal energy. In nature, plasma is produced by lightning when it superheats the air around a lightning bolt converting the air to plasma with a temperature of about 20,000 °C. Because plasma behaves differently than the three common states of matter; solid, liquid and gas, plasma is sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter.

Westinghouse Plasma Corp. creates plasma with its plasma torch systems. We create electric arcs, similar to lightning, inside our torches and force air through the electric arcs to create plasma. The plasma, with temperature close to 5000 °C, is controlled and directed into our gasifier.

Westinghouse Plasma CorporationWestinghouse Plasma torches provide a clean source of heat that can improve efficiencies and improve environmental performance in many different industrial applications.  Alter NRG gasifier utilizes Westinghouse Plasma Torches to create high tempratures within its gasifiers. 


Our torches have been sold for 34 different industrial applications in a wide variety of uses including metals recycling, catalyst re-forming, heating of blast furnaces, cleaning industrial gases, and many more. With rising costs of fuel oil, metallurgical coke and other inputs the Westinghouse Plasma torch becomes an alternative source of heat. Most recently, this is illustrated by our $12 million torch order from Guanchuan, a Company in China looking to utilize the Westinghouse Plasma torch for the steel industry, and other uses in the China market.